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“Safer transport in the Mediterranean Sea”, the interviews

The interview realized at the last IONIO conference “Safer transport in the Mediterranean sea”, the event gathering together researchers, experts, policy makers and potential end-users to talk about future challenges and objectives of operational oceanography

The analysis of the status of implementation of operational services in support of maritime safety, such as sea situational awareness, ship routing, SAR – search and rescue and oil spill; the assessment of the users’ satisfaction with respect to existing services; and the identification of needs for future services, through the elaboration of a vision document about safer transport for the Mediterranean Sea: these were the main aims of the IONIO conference “Safer transport in the Mediterranean Sea”, in Lecce on 27-28 May, 2014.
To address some of these topics while talking about the activities in the field and showing case studies and best practices we interviewed some of the experts coming at the conference.

Watch the videos (playlist from the CMCC channel on You Tube):