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Gerasimos Korres

Chief scientist for HCMR


Gerasimos is a Senior Researcher at the Institute of Oceanography of HCMR (Hellenic Center for Marine Research). He worked as a research scientist in the Physical Oceanography Group of the University of Athens (until 2003) and in the Institute of Oceanography of HCMR (until January 2008). He mainly worked on hydrodynamic modelling, wave modelling and data assimilation techniques. He developed several operational hydrodynamic/wave forecasting systems (ALERMO, TRITON, NIREAS, POSEIDON) on the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea scale. He’s also a member of the scientific team of the “POSEIDON” operational system and scientific responsible of the hydrodynamic, wave forecasting and data assimilation components of the system. He coordinates the Greek Argo research infrastructure/program and the HF Radar installation at Limnos island. He has participated in 30 European and national funded research projects and has more than 50 publications in scientific journals and books.