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Marianna Rapisarda

Financial manager - CMCC


Marianna Rapisarda is financial manager for TESSA and IONIO projects. She is in charge for budget matters and she assists project managers in administrative procedures and project coordination.

She has an international background, holding a Master Degree in Diplomacy and International Relations, University of Trieste- Gorizia, she spent a lot of time abroad for study, research and work purposes.
She likes to describe her career profile as “in between”: both researcher in environmental geopolitics and consultant project manager for non-profit organizations. As researcher she studied water policies and environmental conflicts, environmental impact of defence’s operations and environmental geopolitical analysis.

In management field, she worked mostly as proposal writer, consultant for start-up process, project manager, event and fundraising manager. Her fields of expertise are arts and culture, civil society and green entrepreneurship.
She is experienced in start up process and policies, social and green innovation and policies.

Marianna is a passionate reader and a curious person with a large personal culture, holding an in-depth knowledge of Western Balkans and Middle East area.