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Ship Routing and Safety (SRS) Decision Support System

This section is dedicated to the development of a Routing and Safety (SRS) Decision Support System (DSS). The SRS-DSS model software was been designed to compute fast and safe ship routes in the SANI (Southern Adriatic and Northern Ionian) area using sea-state forecast as an input.

The functional requirements for the SRS-DSS were defined collecting relevant stakeholders’ feedback and suggestions through surveys, interviews, and dedicated meetings, such as the First IONIO annual and stakeholder meeting in Corfu (Greece, January 2013) and the conference “Safer transport in the Mediterranean Sea” in Lecce (Italy, May 2014).

A first paper about the SRS-DSS model software was published in 2013 and an update is under preparation.

The SRS-DSS can be used through a web interface. Here, route requests can be submitted and displayed. Please, see the “Help” section on the SRS-DSS web interface for further details.

You can still help us improve the Ship Routing and Safety DSS by filling out the questionnaire and sending it to info@ionioproject.eu.

Thank you!
The IONIO team